Ahead of print ID: ERMPS-11223

Recent perspectives of fusion genes in glioblastoma

W.-J. Huang, W.-W. Chen, X. Zhang

Department of Neurology, XuZhou Central Hospital; The Affiliated XuZhou Hospital of Medical College of Southeast University; Xuzhou Clinical School of Xuzhou Medical College; Xuzhou Clinical Medical College of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Xuzhu, China. ftmlb8556215@163.com

Fusion genes are the result of chromosomal instability where two previously separate genes rearrange and fuse together, forming a hybrid gene. The first fusion gene was reported in a leukemia case but at present many studies have confirmed their existence in several solid tumors. Recent studies have evidenced the influence of fusion genes in glioblastoma too. The fusion genes have been observed to cause activated ERK, STAT3 signaling, that in turn lead to the development of resistance against frontline chemotherapy. The present review article is focused on the current views of fusion genes in glioblastoma.